I have been using Ally online bank for about a year now, and I couldn't love them more.

First I'll start with the disadvantage just to get it out of the way. It's kind of difficult to deposit money orders, or checks from people with bad handwriting. I would say that depositing checks is very easy with their mobile app.

Okay so the reason I love it. The mobile app works very well for depositing checks and bill pay. Their website is very simple and it comes with all the same conscience as a normal bank, bill pay, viewing activity, viewing cleared checks, it works with mint.

I also love the customer service, you get through to an English speaking person pronto. Also when I tried to add my wife to the account I couldn't complete it on the first try. They called me a day later to ask if there was any way they could help. Did you get that? They called me. I was very Impressed. Anytime I call they are able to resolve it without a run around to other departments.

I also take money out of any ATM without fear of fees. They don't charge for ATMs and they reimburse others ATM fees.

I also have a savings, a few CDs, and interest checking. All are free of charge and give a very competitive rate. The CD also have a very inexpensive early withdrawal fee, of 60 days of interest. All these accounts took me a few minutes on their website to setup. Transferring money to and from the account is free and easy through their website.

As you can see I really love this bank. This is my own opinion and I didn't receive anything, but good customer service for this review.



06/14/2013 12:52am

I haven't looked into Ally but I've seen their advertisements in a lot of places. I rarely if every go into a physical branch and do 99% of my transactions virtually. I am a credit union evangelist and many great CUs too offer great rates and online services. I'm glad mine recently added deposit via mobile. I used to have to enter info through online banking and then mail the check it.


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